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Hebei Ounai Machinery Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 with registered capital of 41.19 million yuan. At present, there are 530 employees, of whom nearly 105 are technicians. The company covers an area of 120,000 feet and a building area of 66,000 feet.

The company has more than 200 sets of large and medium-sized high-tech processing equipment, such as all kinds of processing centers, CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. It consists of six business departments: foundry machinery, precision mould, precision casting, multi-function inflatable cylinder, high frequency welded steel pipe and foreign trade export.…………【more】


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The technical index of core box hardening of vertical core-shooting machine and the exhaust system of core box designed by exhaust pipeline are very important for hardening, reduci...
2019 04/11

  • Vertical Core Shooting Machine Improving Efficiency by Fully Automatic Technology
    Vertical Core Shooting Machine Improving Efficiency by Fully
    Vertical core-shooting machine uses full-automatic technology to improve efficiency. At present, the speed of full-automatic technology development in our country is very advanced,...
    2019 04/11
  • Introduction to the Contents and Characteristics of Die Casting Die Parts Processing Design
    Introduction to the Contents and Characteristics of Die Cast
    Characteristics of Die Casting TechnologyDie-casting moulds are usually made of alloy materials with higher strength than the parts being processed. This process is somewhat simila...
    2019 04/11
  • What is Casting Mould
    What is Casting Mould
    Casting mould refers to the mould used in the casting process to form the castings. Casting die is a complete set of casting technology, including gravity casting die, high press...
    2019 04/11